WMRC 2023



Strategically located in Western Europe, Rotterdam is a bold, forward-thinking and entrepreneurial city.  Rotterdam is continuously reinventing itself, focusing on innovation, sustainability, digitalisation and inclusivity while providing nourishing conditions for world-conscious companies daring to do things differently. 

Discover Rotterdam, leading European maritime city
Rotterdam is the biggest European maritime city, housing subindustries, such as maritime business services, shipbuilding, offshore services, and hydrogen and commodity trading. Our maritime court offers a strong judicial system, with English as its working language. 

Rotterdam – the smartest port in the world
Rotterdam is not only the largest port in Europe, it is also the world’s smartest port. It has set ambitious goals with specific attention on sustainability and it’s pioneering in innovations. This focus and transition naturally creates many new business opportunities. The Dutch maritime industry actively shares these ambitions with objectives to build 30 emission-free ships by 2030.

The legendary former flagship of the Holland America Line, 228 metres long, 28 metres wide, 51 metres high, rich in history and renowned for its cultural-historical value, the ss Rotterdam. On the website of Vrienden van Stoomschip Rotterdam you can read all about its history. Below an overview.