WMRC 2023

Session Slides

Session Slides are Now Available

Session PPT and PDF slides from the 5th World Maritime Rescue Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands are now available. Gain valuable insights on maritime rescue by accessing these resources below.

Monday 19 June 2023

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

The Importance of Working Together

Presentation Title: The ICAO-IMO Joint Working Group on Search and Rescue – What Is It, What Does It Do and What Is the IMRF’s Role Within It?
Speaker: Mr. Phil Bostock


Presentation Title: A Holistic Approach to Complex SAR Preparedness and Response Activities – The Irish Perspective
Speaker: Mr Brendan Curtin

#SARyouok - Protecting the mental health of SAR responders

Presentation Title: Case Study: Protecting the Mental Health of SAR Responders After Witnessing a Shipwreck
Speaker: Ms. Dominika Wanczyk


Presentation Title: Psychological First Aid for Emergency Response
Speaker: Mr. Robin Jenkins


Presentation Title: Mental Health Within The KNRM
Speaker: Caroline Six

Future Technology #1

Presentation Title: The Challenges of Keeping up With Technology in Search and Rescue
Speaker: Mr. Dave Morris


Presentation Title: FUTURE TECHNOLOGY and Preserving Life at Sea (II) By The Future Technology Panel of the International Maritime Rescue Federation
Speaker: Mr John Dalziel


Presentation Title: Never Miss a Piece of Information – How a Maritime Automatic Speech Recognizer (Asr) Will Improve Our Sar Capabilities (ASR) Will Improve Our SAR Capabilities
Speaker: Mr Thomas Lübcke

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Presentation Title: #WomenInSAR: the Journey Continues
Speakers: Ms. Caroline Jupe, Mr Jaakko Heikkilä, Mr. Phil Bostock


Presentation Title: Be the storm – Women in SAR from Norway to South Africa
Speaker: Ms. Frederike Bensch



Effective PR and Communications Workshop

Presentation Title: Maritime Communication Workshop
Speaker: Mr Tom Scott


Presentation Title: Creating Sustainable Communication
Speaker: Ms. Emma Valham

Future Technology #2

Presentation Title: SAR in the Third Dimension; How to Integrate Remotely-Piloted Aircraft in a (Nearly) 200 Year Old Maritime Rescue Organisation
Speaker: Mr Jeroen Kodde


Presentation Title: EOS – Eyes on Scene – Small Drones, Finally BLOS
Speaker: Mr. Fredrik Falkman

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

SAR Incident Planning #1

Presentation Title: Combating a Bias for Inaction: Normalcy Bias in Search and Rescue Decision Making
Speaker: Mr. Matthew Mitchell


Working with Volunteers

Presentation Title: Future-proofing and Diversifying the SAR Crew Pipeline
Speaker: Mr. Robin Jenkins


Presentation Title: Unpaid Not Unprofessional. Maintaining Quality Rescue Services in the Age of Increasing Demand With Diminishing Volunteerism
Speaker: Mr Alex Barrell


Future Technology #3

Presentation Title: MARIN’s New Seven Oceans Simulation Centre: Safe Operations and Crew Centred Ship Design
Speaker: Mr Hugo Ammerlaan


Presentation Title: Next Generation Swedish Rescue Vessels for Sustainable SAR-Operations – Using 100 Years of Experience
Speaker: Captain Jonas Carlsson


Presentation Title: Selecting the Right Sar Boat by Combining Model Tests With a Simulator
Speaker: Mr Eelco Harmsen

Tuesday 20 June 2023

8:15 am – 9:15 am

SAR Incident Planning #2

Presentation Title: Evaluating Search Effectiveness – The Case for Advancing the Practical Application of Search Theory
Speaker: Mr. Matthew Mitchell


Presentation Title: Machine Learning Based Priority Scoring for Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) Alerts
Speaker: Mr. Justin Sherman

Regional Perspectives

Presentation Title: Respond Faster, Further, Stronger and More Efficiently to Dangerous Situations and Accidents at Sea
Speaker: Mr Lei Wang


Presentation Title: Pride & Protectioncanada’s First Indigenous-Led Coast Guard Auxiliary Protects & Saves Lives Along British Columbia’s Rugged Coast
Speaker: Mr Conrad James Shaw Cowan


Presentation Title: SAR Operations Today – Maritime New Zealand’s Journey Towards Establishing a Fully Integrated Maritime Response Capability
Speaker: Mr Justin Allan

Why Have an Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Strategy?

Presentation Title: How Sharing Your ESG Strategy Can Help Increasing Fundraising Income to Finance the Future of SAR Operations
Speaker: Mrs Anneke Salden

9:45 am – 10:45 am

Supporting SAR Development

Presentation Title: Supporting SAR Development: Access to Basic Level of Training
Speaker: Mr. Robin Jenkins


Presentation Title: Enabling Remote Communities – An Innovation Project to Develop Tools for Remote Incidents
Speaker: Mr. Richard Jonker


Presentation Title: IMRF Basic Rescue Boat Operator Package – From Manuel to Model Training Course via an Online Platform
Speaker: Mr David Whiddon

Mass Rescue Incidents

Presentation Title: Lessons Learned and Future: Responding to Mass Casualty Incidents in the Central Mediterranean
Speaker: Mr. Orlando Avis


Presentation Title: Maximizing the Benefits of Inter-Agency Communications. Lessons Been Taught and Future Steps to Be Taken
Speaker: Mr. Miltiadis Meliadis


Towards Greener SAR Operations

Presentation Title: How to Fulfill the Expectation of the Green Shift – In 30 Knots, Harsh Environment and 24/7 Preparedness? Through Smart to Green!
Speaker: Ms Berit Letting


Presentation Title: Risk and Reality: Implications of Climate Adaptation for Today and Tomorrow’s Lifesaving
Speaker: Mrs Katie Young


Presentation Title: The Journey Towards Carbon Neutral Search and Rescue
Speaker: Mr Duncan Ferner

11:00 am – 12:00 am

Mitigating Risk in SAR Operations

Presentation Title: Understanding the Operational Performance and Useability of PLBs in Maritime Environments
Speaker: Dr Robert Brown


Presentation Title: High-Speed SAR Boat Operations – How to Mitigate Safety Risks Exposed to Vessel, Crew, Structure and Equipment During Missions
Speaker: Mr. Magnus Þor Jonsson


Presentation Title: Human Impact Exposure Onboard High Speed Boats – Multi-National Study
Speaker: Dr Johan Ullman


Mass Rescue Operations Workshop - Pt.1

Speaker: Mr Thomas Gorgol

Technologies for Improving SAR Outcomes #1

Presentation Title: Session Introduction
Speaker: Mr Jaakko Heikkilä


Presentation Title: Oceanography and Meteorology in Maritime Search and Rescue
Speaker: Dr Cristina Forbes


Presentation Title: Reducing SAR Activities Through Technology – Immediate and Reliable Detection of MOB Incidents
Speaker: Mr Michael Collier


Presentation Title: Evaluating Search Effectiveness: Practical Application of Machine Learning to Support Search Theory and Search Execution
Speaker: Mr. Doug Lothian



1:30 am – 2:30 pm

Medical Care in SAR Operations

Presentation Title: A Preliminary Report of the Data, Observations and Conclusions From the Pre-congress Workshop Medical Care on Board of Rescue Vessels
Speaker: Professor Joost Bierens


Presentation Title: A Triage Tool for Multiple Casualties in Water
Speaker: Dr Paddy Morgan


Technologies for Improving SAR Outcomes #2

Presentation Title: Together. Helping. Saving: A Digital Safety Solution for the 21st Century
Speaker: Mr. Niels van Campen


Presentation Title: Unmanned Rescue Vessels: The Technology Enabling Search and Rescue in Extreme Scenarios and Providing New Links to the Rescue Chain in Remote Locations
Speaker: Mr Sam Mayall


Presentation Title: The Nederdrone-Initiative: A Research Project to Enhance Sar-Operations by the Support of Zero Emission, Silent Hydrogen Fueled Unmanned Air Systems
Speaker: Pieter Blank

3:00 am – 4:00 pm

Drowning Prevention

Presentation Title: World Health Organisation
Speaker: Ms. Caroline Lukaszyk


Presentation Title: Research to Strengthen Drowning Prevention Interventions
Speaker: Dr Jill Fortuin


Presentation Title: Changing Guidelines Does Not Change Minds and Hearts: Resuscitation of Drowning Victims During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Speaker: Professor Joost Bierens


Technology for Training & Learning

Presentation Title: The Importance of a Structured Training Programme in Capacitating Volunteers at the National Sea Rescue Institute
Speaker: Dr. Cleeve Robertson


Presentation Title: Simulators in SAR Training: Background and Practice
Speaker: Mr Jaakko Heikkilä


Presentation Title: AMARIS – Development of an Aeronautical and Maritime Innovation Environment for Interorganizational Simulations
Speaker: Ms. Anika Sprakel