WMRC 2023

Sponsorship & Exhibit Options

Engage with a Global Audience

The World Maritime Rescue Congress is designed to enable people from search and rescue (SAR) services all around the world to exchange views and experience related to maritime SAR, in order to learn lessons, improve capability and, ultimately, to save lives.

WMRC 2023 is an excellent opportunity to interact with a diverse group of SAR decision-makers and practitioners. Increase your organization’s exposure to SAR national and international markets by participating in the Congress!

The Congress is pleased to offer a variety of options, including but not limited to:

  • Exhibit space
  • Print, digital and onsite advertising
  • Program support
  • Marketing & networking items
  • And more!

Please see below for past event information, exhibit pricing, advertising and other sponsorship options.

Statistics on Past Editions​

Statistics on Past WMRC Editions

Past Attendance

2023The Netherlands, RotterdamExp. 4002015Germany, Bremerhaven500
2019Canada, Vancouver5532011China, Shanghai400

The first WMRC in Sweden was also the 20th International Lifeboat Conference. Before that, the International Lifeboat Conference had been hosted in a variety of countries since 1924:


2007Sweden, Gothenburg1983Sweden, Gothenburg1955Portugal, Estoril
2003South Africa, Cape Town1979The Netherlands, The Hague1951Belgium, Ostend
1999England, Bournemouth and Poole1975Finland, Helsinki1947Norway, Oslo
1995Uruguay, Montevideo1967France, Dinard1932The Netherlands, Amsterdam
1991Norway, Oslo1963Scotland, Edinburgh1928France, Paris
1987Spain, La Coruña1959Germany, Bremen1924England, London

Demographics & Statistics

Regional statistics from past editions

WMRC 2019
(North America)
WMRC 2015
  • North America 68%
  • Europe 20%
  • Asia Pacific 6%
  • Africa & Middle East 3%
  • South America 2%
  • Europe 72%
  • Asia Pacific 10%
  • Africa & Middle East 10%
  • North America 5%
  • South America 3%

Category statistics from WMRC 2019
(*Multiple answers allowed)

  • Non-government organizations (NGOs) 15%
  • Government organizations 12%
  • Maritime industry professionals 11%
  • SAR unit crews 11%
  • SAR trainers 11%
  • SAR strategists and planners 10%
  • Developers, manufacturers and suppliers 9%
  • SAR mission coordinators 7%
  • Shoreside emergency responders 5%
  • On scene coordinators 5%
  • Other 4%

Past Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • 8 West Consulting
  • Alamarin-Jet
  • Arc’teryx Equipment
  • Arctic Airboats
  • ARKTOS Developments
  • Axnes
  • Baltic Workboats
  • BUKH
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • CeoTronics
  • CM Technologies
  • ComNav Marine
  • Current Corporation
  • Dacon
  • Daniamant
  • Deep Trekker
  • Dive Rescue International
  • DSS Group
  • E-Comm 9-1-1
  • Elman SRL
  • Fassmer
  • FLIR Maritime
  • Gecko Head Gear
  • Gleistein Ropes & Sohn
  • Hamilton Jet
  • Hansen Protection
  • Helly Hansen
  • ICOM Canada
  • Inventech Marine Solutions
  • Jastram Engineering
  • Leonardo
  • Ludolph
  • Moje Rettungssysteme
  • MTU Friedrichshafen
  • Mustang Survival
  • Ocean Rodeo
  • Oceanalpha
  • Ophardt R+D
  • Orolia
  • Petor
  • Pole Star
  • Press To Talk Gadgets
  • Rafnar
  • Raymarine
  • Restech
  • Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
  • RHOTHETA International
  • Saab Technologies
  • Safe at Sea
  • Savox Communications
  • SEALEGS – Amphibious RIB
  • Seareq
  • SECUMAR Bernhardt Apparatebau
  • Shockwave Seats
  • SHOXS Seats
  • Steyr Motors
  • STM Electronic
  • Swede Ship Marine
  • Titan Boats
  • Transas Marine
  • Vodasafe
  • Volvo Penta
  • Wärtsilä
  • Weatherdock
  • Zodiac Hurricane Technologies

Interested in Exhibiting?​

Exhibit Opportunities & Exhibit Hours (click to expand)

The exhibition is a vital part of WMRC 2023. Every effort will be made to ensure that all exhibitors receive prime exposure and direct marketing opportunities with key players and decision-makers in the field.

Exposure opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Welcome Reception on Sunday 18 June in the Exhibit Area
  • Networking breaks in the Exhibit Area on Congress days
  • Charging lounge and poster presentations in the Exhibit Area

Exhibit Options

 Regular Space
Non-Profit Space
Early Rate, per booth *
(For multiple booths, multiply by the quantity)
EUR 2,000EUR 1,000
Regular Rate, per boothEUR 3,000EUR 1,000
Description6 m24 m2

* Early Rate: until 17 February 2023
Regular Rate: after 17 February 2023

Included with each Exhibit Booth purchase:

  • 3 m wide x 2 m deep (6 m2) shell-scheme space for regular spaces (or multiples thereof)
  • 2 m wide x 2 m deep (4 m2) space for non-profit organizations
  • Table and 2 chairs, carpet, electricity point
  • Two (2) complimentary exhibitor badges, Exhibit Area access only
  • Four (4) additional exhibitor badges at EUR 295 (+VAT) per badge, Exhibit Area access only
  • Congress badges at the discounted exhibitor rate of EUR 460 (+ VAT)
  • Listing with logo, 50-word description & web link on website

Level sponsors have first choice in selecting booth location, followed by exhibitors on a “first-paid, first-served” basis. No exhibitor may sub-let or share with another exhibitor.

Exhibit Hours (subject to change):

  • Sunday 18 June     17:30 – 19:30 (Welcome Reception)
  • Monday 19 June    10:30 – 17:30
  • Tuesday 20 June   10:00 – 17:00

Interested in more visibility? Keep reading below.
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Interested in More Visibility?​

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Digital Advertising (click to expand)

Banner Ad in Congress E-blast (each)EUR 1,000
Banner Ad on Congress Website (per month)EUR 1,000
Social Media Post (each) 1EUR 1,000
Banner Ad in Initial Registration Email (Exclusive) 2EUR 2,000
Banner Ad in Final Confirmation Email (Exclusive) 2EUR 3,000

1 Each post to be posted on all 3 platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).
2 Each delegate will receive an initial confirmation email at time of registration. All confirmed delegates will receive a final confirmation email a few days before the Congress. Your custom banner will be displayed in the body of the email.

Sponsor will be responsible for providing the advertisement in high-resolution, print-ready format as per specifications to be communicated by the Congress Secretariat.

Program Support (click to expand)

Concurrent Session (each)EUR 3,000

There will be several concurrent sessions per time slot. Date/Time or Topic of choice to be discussed with Congress Secretariat.

As the sponsor of a Concurrent Session, you will:

  • Be acknowledged with your logo on all media as the sponsor of the session
  • Have your logo on screen and receive verbal acknowledgment by the moderator at the beginning and end of the session
Poster Session (Exclusive)EUR 7,500 – TBC

Abstracts accepted for poster presentations will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall. Presenters will be present during the networking breaks and poster viewing times to answer questions and discuss their research or project with delegates.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Poster Session, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to position one or two custom free-standing banners in the Poster area on your selected day (banner(s) supplied by Sponsor; maximum size 1m x 1.5m)
  • Be acknowledged with your logo on all media as the sponsor of the Poster Session

Marketing & Networking Items (click to expand)

Booth Pick-up Item (each)EUR 1,500

Sponsors can provide an item that delegates will be able to pick up from their booth in the Exhibit Area. The item and booth location will be listed on the website to ensure delegates know where to pick up the item, driving traffic to your booth.

As the sponsor of a Booth Pick-up Item, you will:

  • Have the exclusive right to distribute the selected item at your booth. Choose from a variety of items, including but not restricted to:
    • Pens
    • Notepads
    • Portable chargers
    • Keychain
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Another item of your choice – to be approved by the Congress Secretariat
  • Be listed on the website as the exclusive provider of the selected item

Production and shipping costs are the responsibility of the Sponsor.

Coffee break (each)EUR 3,000

Networking opportunities are among the most important reasons the delegates attend the Congress. Each day, the Congress will provide snacks and refreshments during coffee breaks served in the Exhibit Area for all attendees free of charge.

As the sponsor of one of the Coffee Breaks, you will:

  • Have table top cards with your logo on all food and beverage stations during your selected coffee break
  • Be acknowledged as the sponsor of the selected Coffee Break with your logo in all relevant media
Commercial Lunch Showcase (each)EUR 3,000

Organizations interested in demonstrating their innovative products and solutions will be able to make a 30-min presentation during lunch in the Showcase Theatre located near the Exhibit Hall on one of the Congress days.

As the sponsor of a Commercial Lunch Showcase, you will:

  • Be provided with a time slot in the Showcase Theatre on the day of your choice (pending availability) with access to basic AV (podium, mike, screen, projector)
  • Be listed with logo and showcase description on the Congress website and all relevant media
  • Be promoted through a Summary e-blast to all registered delegates approx. 2 weeks before the Congress
Delegate Help Desk (Exclusive)EUR 3,000

The Delegate Help Desk will be located within the registration area at the venue. Staff will be available to assist delegates with any questions they may have regarding the Congress, the Program, or Rotterdam.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Delegate Help Desk, you will:

  • Have the desk branded with your logo or custom design
  • Be acknowledged as the sponsor of the Delegate Help Desk with your logo in all relevant media
Promoted Video Spot (each)EUR 3,000

Your 2-min video promoting your products and services will be showcased to delegates in advance of and during the Congress.

As the sponsor of a Promoted Video Spot, you will:

  • Have the video posted on the Congress website and social media
  • Have the video showcased on the Digital Info Board onsite
Volunteer Shirts (Exclusive)EUR 3,000

Volunteers are important to the success of the Congress and ensure it runs smoothly. These individuals wear shirts for clear identification, constantly providing assistance, and making attendees feel welcome.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Volunteer Shirts, you will:

  • Have your logo on the shirts along with the Congress logo
  • Be acknowledged as the sponsor of the Volunteer Shirts with your logo in all relevant media
Charging Station (Exclusive)EUR 3,500

The Charging Station will allow attendees to power up their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices for free. This area will be in high demand and can be placed in the Exhibit Hall near your booth.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Charging Station, you will:

  • Have the Charging Station branded with your logo or custom design
  • Have the opportunity to position a custom free-standing banner in the Charging Lounge (banner supplied by Sponsor; maximum size 1m x 1.5m)
  • Be acknowledged with your logo as the sponsor of the Charging Station in all relevant media
Digital Info Board  (Exclusive)EUR 7,500

A digital board will enable delegates to post messages for each other. It will also serve as a social media wall, keeping track of posts & interactions through Facebook, Twitter and the official mobile app through a social media leaderboard.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Digital Info Board, you will:

  • Have the Board branded with your logo or custom design
  • Have the opportunity to publish three (3) Promoted Messages on the Board per day
  • Be acknowledged with your logo as the sponsor of the Digital Info Board in all relevant media
Hotel Key Card (Exclusive)EUR 7,500 – TBC

The Headquarter Hotel near the venue will offer the opportunity to custom brand their hotel key cards. This is a unique opportunity to put your branding in the hands of most delegates. This item is only available to high-level sponsors of the Congress.

Please note: production costs are not included in the sponsorship price, please consult with the Congress Secretariat for a quote.

Welcome Reception (Exclusive)EUR 10,000

The Welcome Reception will take place on Sunday 18 June in the Exhibit Hall. It will be the official opening of the Congress, providing delegates and exhibitors with the opportunity to mix and mingle while enjoying refreshments.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Welcome Reception, you will:

  • Have table top cards with your logo on all food and beverage stations in the venue during the Welcome Reception
  • Be acknowledged with your logo as the sponsor of the Welcome Reception in all relevant media
Wireless Internet (Exclusive)EUR 10,000

Wireless internet will be available throughout the venue at no charge allowing delegates to use the Congress onsite mobile app to view the program, access abstracts, or connect with other delegates and colleagues.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Wireless Internet, you will:

  • Have your logo displayed on all relevant signage associated with the wireless internet
  • Have your custom graphic displayed on the access page of the wireless network
Lanyards (Exclusive)EUR 5,000

All delegates will receive a name badge and lanyard to be worn for identification during the Congress.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Lanyards, you will have your logo on all lanyards (provided by Congress Secretariat) along with the Congress logo.

Mobile App (Exclusive)EUR 10,000

The onsite mobile application will be provided to delegates free of charge and will be available for most iOS and Android mobile devices. The mobile app will include the full program, the exhibit floorplan including exhibitor biographies, and general Congress, venue and local information. Timely updates about any programme changes or important announcements will be sent through the app via notification alerts.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Mobile App, you will:

  • Have your logo and 50-word write-up displayed in a Sponsored App Section
  • Have the opportunity to have one (1) pinned Promoted Message + one (1) push notification per day
  • Have a banner ad displayed at the bottom of all mobile app pages
Lunch (each, Monday & Tuesday)EUR 6,000

Each day, the Congress will offer lunch, served in the Exhibit Hall for all attendees free of charge.

As the sponsor of one of the Lunches, you will:

  • Have table top cards with your logo on all food and beverage stations during your selected Lunch
  • Be acknowledged with your logo as the sponsor of the selected Lunch in all relevant media
Congress Dinner (Exclusive)EUR 20,000

The Congress Dinner will take place on Monday 19 June onboard James Cook vessel. All delegates are invited to attend this event at an additional charge. Guests and friends are invited to purchase additional full-price tickets.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Congress Dinner, you will:

  • Receive four (4) complimentary tickets to the Congress Dinner
  • Have your logo placed on the tickets and menu cards
  • Be verbally acknowledged during the event as the sponsor of the Congress Dinner, as well as in all relevant media

Sponsorship Levels & Benefits (click to expand)

To reach a sponsorship level, you may:

  • pick “a-la-carte” items from the options above (exhibit items as well as advertising, program support, or marketing items), or
  • make a general contribution to the Congress, or
  • choose a combination of these two options: if the total of your “a-la-carte” items doesn’t reach the minimum amount for the sponsorship level of your choice, simply add a general contribution amount.

Upon reaching one of the amounts mentioned below, you will unlock the benefits associated with the respective sponsorship level, in addition to the specific benefits associated with each “a-la-carte” items you will have chosen.

All prices are in EUR.

Acknowledgement on all media
Complimentary Congress registrations64321
Complimentary Exhibit booths 1221

1 In addition to the booths you may have chosen to add to your shopping list to reach one of the sponsorship levels.


You chose 2 booths, the banner in the Initial Confirmation email, and the Lanyards. Your total reaches EUR 21,000. You wish to be a Platinum Sponsor. You can choose additional items and/or add a general contribution to the Congress of EUR 4,000 to bring your total to EUR 25,000 and unlock the following benefits:

  • Acknowledgement as Platinum Sponsor on all media
  • 4 complimentary Congress registrations
  • 2 additional complimentary exhibit booths (making a 4-booth space)

Our experienced Sponsorship & Exhibits Sales Manager will work closely with you to customize the best package to achieve your specific organization’s goals.

Contact our dedicated Sponsorship & Exhibits Sales Manager for more information on our sponsorship options, and to start discussing how you would like to support, and be involved in, WMRC 2023.

Cherry Lau
Sponsorship & Exhibit Sales Manager
Direct: [+65] 6994 5466
Office: [+65] 6994 5461

Congress Secretariat
International Conference Services Ltd. (ICS)
Suite 710, 1201 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 2V2

Hotel Accommodation: Book Official!​

The Congress Secretariat (International Conference Services, Ltd.) is the official housing bureau for the World Maritime Rescue Congress and will coordinate housing for the Congress. Discounted room rates have been negotiated for delegates and groups. All sponsors and exhibitors are asked to support the Congress by booking accommodations via the official Housing Bureau. Full rates will be available on the website in 2023.

Housing Piracy Scam

WARNING: We are aware that illegitimate companies are targeting our sponsors and exhibitors, calling to ‘offer’ to set you up with accommodation. These companies are often fraudulent. Please note that they are not affiliated with us and that the only way to register & book accommodation will be only through the Congress website.